More than Just Automated Reminders - Now Offering Complete Patient Relationship Management

Cloud-Based Technology

Completely integrated. Totally automated.

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Appointment Reminders

Confirm More Appointments and Reduce No-Shows

Maximize patient attendance by engaging patients with carefully structured messages, in the right language, at the right time, utilizing the best contact method for that patient. Personalize the call, text, or email reminders with specific instructions based on the appointment type.

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Recall Notifications

Effortlessly Schedule Wellness Exams

Our automated recalls use text messages, phone calls, or email to get patients scheduled sooner. When notified that it is time for their next appointment, your patients can schedule it through text chat, through our online appointment request form, or by dialing zero to connect with your staff.

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Patient Surveys

Find Out What Patients Really Think

Create and send any type of patient survey with ease. Have them automatically sent by email or text, after the appointment. Get responses in real time. Use our analytics tools to make data-driven decisions. Log in to share presentation-ready charts and reports; or download the results in Excel.

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Appointment Generation

Modernize the Way You Get Patients Scheduled

We provide appointment request forms on websites where your patients are most likely to search, including Facebook and Google Places. We boost your online presence and make it convenient for patients to book appointments. And our Appointment Request workflow application ensures you’ll never lose track of a patient who wants an appointment.

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Text Chat

Improving Patient-To-Practice Conversations

We make it simple for your patients to ask questions, and even simpler for you to answer them. We provide you with your own dedicated phone number to receive text messages. Incoming texts from patients appear on your computer, in our Message Center. When you reply, the message arrives on the patient’s phone like a normal text.

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Public Reviews

Get Patients Raving About Your Practice

We provide tools to facilitate public reviews and increase your online exposure. Based on the criteria you specify, we survey your patients and automatically direct them to top sites like Google Places and Yelp — where prospective patients are most likely to search when looking for a new provider.

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Enterprise Management

Single Point of Administration

We offer enterprise organizations the tools they need to optimize large-scale operations, including a central place where your administrators can view, configure, and manage all locations and user privileges from a single site. Our comprehensive reporting provides location and enterprise results.

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Email Marketing

Professional Emails to Better Engage Patients

Professional emails start with customizable templates. Our editor makes it easy to create emails so you can look like the practice your patients know. Track your success in real time. Our reporting and tracking tools let you know everything you need to know, like who is opening and clicking your emails.

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Cancel Appointments

Quickly Reach Patients When You Need To Cancel

When inclement weather or unexpected circumstances arise, canceling appointments can be done from anywhere. Just log in and choose the full or a partial day, the provider or location, and the specific cancellation message you wish to include with your phone calls or text messages.

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No-Show Rescheduling

Automatically Reschedule Patients

We immediately contact your no-show patients via a phone call, text message, or email to get them rescheduled. By automating this time-consuming task that might otherwise not get done, your staff will have more time to spend with patients who did show up for their appointments, and for patient inquiries and calls.

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On-Hold Messaging

Turn Wait Time into Education Time

Deliver accredited health and wellness information to patients who call your office and are placed on hold. Our professionally produced programming is updated monthly, with content available for medical and dental offices; including practice-specific messages that communicate important office policies and promote your practice and staff.

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Reports & Analytics

Make Informed Decisions

All of our patient relationship management metrics in one place. Get an at-a-glance and real-time view of the state of your practice for instant action. Presentation-ready charts and reports help you easily track all patient communication activity, appointments generated through this service, and the survey results your patients submit.

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Booked Appointment Confirmations

Reassure Patients that they've been scheduled

Patients expect to receive immediate confirmation about their appointment after it’s booked. They are left wondering and get anxious when they don’t. We send an email or text confirmation to the patient shortly after an appointment is booked, once the details have been finalized.

Early Reminders

Identify High Probability No-Shows a Week in Advance

The Early Reminder is helpful to patients who may have forgotten about an appointment booked months in advance. A notification is sent seven days prior to make sure they can keep the appointment. This gives your staff ample time to reschedule the patient and fill any slots that open.